✩ Review: Geo 15 mm Queen Gray WTA15 Circle Lens

Hey guys! I got another pair of circle lens. This time, it’s Queen Gray from the Geo 15mm series. I bought it from Shopgirl. Here’s my honest review of the pair.

Code: WT-A15

Lifespan: 1 year
Shelf Life: 3 years
Diameter: 15mm
Not available with grades.

Size / Diameter: 15 mm

Comfort: 3/5 A little drying. I think I can only wear this lens for four hours max. I had to take it out after two hours of wearing it, because it was making my eyes a little heavy.

Design: 4/5 I love gray/grey circle lens. I usually opt to buy pairs of circle lens in gray than in other colors. However, the color doesn’t show so much from afar, or from shots without flash. It looks like a pair of black circle lens. I do like the dolly eye effect, though. I’m not weirded out by the size, and 15mm lenses are becoming more and more popular. Some even opt for 16mm ones!

Price/ Availability: This costs about 320 pesos or about $7.5 usd from Shopgirl. It’s really affordable! However, the lens are not available with grades.

Will I repurchase? I bought this lens because I really loved the 14.8mm Geo Super / Hyper Angel Gray ones, and they looked similar. I was hoping it would be better than the Angel Gray, because it has a bigger lens diameter. However, I feel more comfortable wearing the Angel Gray ones than the Queen Gray. The Angel Gray is also more vibrant in color. I’ll probably save my money to buy a pair of Super Angel Gray. :)

That’s it for now! I’m working on my next review :) xoxo

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