Weekend Adventure: Cafe Ilang-Ilang, Manila Hotel

Desserts all you can~!
Japanese section
Geisha doll on display
Salmon sashimi and some sushi
Creme Brulee
That’s suman, and leche flan, and something really delicious (I forgot what it’s called, sorry!)
Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream <3
Ube-flavored Taho with all the syrup in this planet

When I’m asked to think of Manila Hotel, i begin to imagine a crummy old hotel in Intramuros. I owe this ugly image to their outdated advertisement at the back of the Panorama of the Manila Bulletin, which never looked appealing, and was never revamped or improved in my twenty one years of existence. Last year, I got the chance to enter the Manila Hotel, and boy, did I find out how wrong I was! Inside, the hotel wasn’t old and crummy, but it was really sosyal and beautiful. And this year’s visit got me inside as far as Cafe Ilang-Ilang. Hidden inside an old institution was Cafe Ilang Ilang, an awesome venue of food goodness.

My thoughts: I’m not a big eater, but I enjoy eating delicious food! I have all the room in the world in my stomach for desserts. I didn’t enjoy the sugar-free desserts so much, because it did not satisfy my sweet tooth, so don’t cheat on this one and get the non sugar-free desserts so that you can enjoy the food! I swear, everything I tasted was delectable.

Coffee and fruit juices were free! I loved the mango shake, and loved the fact that it was for free, no matter how many times I come back for a refill.

Will definitely come back to this place to eat, when I can afford it. I think it’s 1,800php per head.

Thank you, love, for this birthday treat :)

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