Happy Place: Caffeina @ Adriatico, Manila

I’ve been having a difficult time getting connected to an internet connection these past few weeks. I’ve started staying in a newly built condo in Manila, and their amenities are not quite topnotch as they claim. To make matters worse, ISPs haven’t been responding well to our internet application. I was left with no choice but to find some distraction, or a place with good internet.

I found what I’ve been looking for in a small spot in Adriatico, Manila. For four years during my college days, I have lived in Adriatico, near Robinsons Place Ermita, and have bypassed this coffee shop countless times to get to my favorite Starbucks place. It was only now that I have taken notice of Caffeina.

Located at the corner of Malvar and Adriatico, Caffeina Coffee attracts many coffee lovers, especially students and tourists who frequent the busy street of Adriatico at night.

One of the things I’ve noticed about the place is that they have Japanese fashion magazines, like Vivi and Ray. These magazines are difficult to get hold of. I just had to pick up all of the japanese magazines before i went to my seat.

What I love about Caffeina is that it’s quite cozy. I can stay there for hours with my coffee and laptop and just feel at home. The more mainstream coffee shops have become too busy for my taste, and I’m just looking for a nice place to enjoy my free time with my coffee.

Their wifi internet is quite fast, too. :)

The only thing that I did not quite like about the place is that their pastries are a bit priced more expensively than CBTL’s, despite the smaller serving size. I didn’t quite feel like indulging in their pastries. The coffee is great, though! I liked their Caramel Toasted Mallows a lot (because I love caramel drinks). I also got to try their Cafe Latte once but it tasted a bit bland.

I like staying at Caffeina’s mostly for the atmosphere. I come to visit the place about once or twice a week, whenever I crave for coffee.

So, if you’re staying around the Malate area and would like to snuggle up to a hot cup of coffee, or a welcoming cold drink, try Caffeina’s Coffee! I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Say hi when you see me :)

Get to know more about Caffeina @ Caffeina Coffee

at G/F Pearl Garden Hotel Adriatico St. cor. Gen . Malvar Malate Manila

Open from 7 am to 1 am 

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