Dell Notebook Press Launch

Last June 16, I was invited to Robot Restaurant at Makati for Dell’s launching of four new laptops, each of which had their style and personality. I’ve always known Dell for their colourful, eye-candy laptops, and I’ve loved the brand ever since.
The launch event was very inviting from the very beginning. It was unfortunate that I arrived late, but more unfortunate that the event started later than what I would have imagined. While waiting for the event to start, the staff would serve complimentary treats and drinks, which were all very enticing and delicious.
Love the interior design of the place!
Dell launched four new laptops, which are:
XPS 15z
Inspiron R series
Dell had a display of their laptop lids for their New Inspiron R Series. This is, for me, probably, the most unforgettable series from the launch, because the Inspiron R series featured interchangeable lids, which would enable users to switch laptop lids, and voila! as if you have a new laptop. The lids were all so colourful and awesome, and you can make them match your moods as well. 
I love the idea! Unlike skins, which, in my opinion, are very messy to handle and would kill the texture of the laptop lid, the feature of interchangeable lids gives the users power to change laptop designs with just a pop and click! I wish that Dell did this to all their laptops, and not just to the Inspiron R series. If this would ever become a reality in the future, then I would definitely get my hands on this one. Specs wise (I’m not one to talk about specs since I’m not really well versed in that aspect, but from my little knowledge of it~) it’s not as awesome as the other laptop series that were launched. With 13 hours of battery life, and up to 8 GB of memory, the new Inspiron R series does not only flaunt of its design but of its enduring performance as well. Prices start at 31,000 for the 14R laptops, and the prices of lids range from 1,500 to 2,500, depending on the design. Dell Inspiron R lid designs might be a good idea for a collection.
Next stop is the new laptops from the Latitude E-family, which offers data protection, remote data delete, and free fall sensor. Now you’d think, how often do we drop our laptops? Well it happens, however rare, it can happen to you, and while you initially think about the laptop, the problem lies when you lose valuable information in that laptop which you cannot recover because of the damage incurred from the fall. The new Latitude E-series laptops also boast of their backlit keyboard which gives the user a real key to productivity just about anywhere and everywhere. Productivity is the keyword for the Latitude E-series laptops, which makes it a great laptop for business owners and managers.
The New Vostro 3000 series’ advantage is enhancing collaboration between people, especially for coworkers, or partners, or clients, who need real time interaction with each other, wherever they may be. It features a digital array mic that reduces noise, as well as full HD webcams which provides lifelike interactions. Not very relevant for kids like me who uses the internet for social networking and browsing, but hey, in a couple of years, I might just have my own small business, and the Vostro series could be the perfect choice for keeping in touch with my people and making sure that my business is managed well by my people, from whatever location.
The last laptop, which is another personal favourite of mine, is the XPS 15z. I call it – small, but terrible, just like me! It is one of the thinnest computers around, but not thinner than Macbook Air. It’s about 0.97 inch thin, equipped with Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, eight hours battery life, up to 8 GB memory options, and many more! We didn’t get to see it in action during the launch because they didn’t have an on hand model of the said laptop, but the presentation was enough to pique our interest. We’ll definitely watch out for this baby in the market any time soon.
Now if only Dell would have an XPS 15z laptop with interchangeable lids, then I would finally have met the one laptop for me. Hahaha.
Tim Yap was there during the event, and announced the winner of the Dell laptop raffle! The lucky winner got to bring home one of the four launched laptops for free! Dell also has an ongoing contest, the winner of which will bag a laptop from Dell.
Of course, Dell made sure we didn’t leave the event empty handed and easily forgetting about how great all the newly launched laptops were. They gave all the guests free cupcakes with Dell laptop designs on top. 
It’s super cute, at first I couldn’t bring myself to bite into it. Yes, the laptop design on top is edible, delicious too!
Thank you Dell, for a wonderful event, and for yet again, innovating in your very own ways. The new laptops were all awesome, all of which fulfils specific needs, which would definitely help a lot of people in their everyday lives.

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