Cyanide Beauty and Beauty’s Treasure’s Summer Giveaway WINNER!

Hello everyone! Sorry for keeping you waiting for the results of the giveaway draw. I just want to thank everyone first before anything else, for joining Beauty’s Treasure and Cyanide Beauty’s little giveaway, and I hope that you would continue to support our giveaways in the future ♥

Alright, so onto our list of winners!

Congratulations to Dorry Lyn, Jorayma Salvan, and Karen Chayne Sanchez!

We would also like to thank our sponsor, Beauty’s Treasure for our fabulous giveaway items. I know you guys love makeup as much as I do, so head over to Beauty’s Treasure for your awesome makeup rares to satisfy your makeup cravings!

To the others who did not win, I will be coming up with more giveaways in store for you, so I do hope you’ll watch out for them :)

I’ll be sending these three girls an e-mail now! Good night, lovelies!

3 comments to Cyanide Beauty and Beauty’s Treasure’s Summer Giveaway WINNER!

  • Cyanide Beauty  says:

    awww that was me on the#4 :( sayang! … congrats to all esp to Dorry lyn!

  • Cyanide Beauty  says:

    wow!. thank you so much.. congrats everyone!

  • Cyanide Beauty  says:

    Woohoo! I’m so happy that I won the 3rd place! Thanks so much! :)

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