Weekend Adventure: Lunch at Sushi-ya + Pet-Parazzi Parade

It was a rainy Saturday. Woke up at 10 in the morning, and decided to have lunch at Sushi-ya, Megamall. We considered eating lunch at our favorite japanese place, Ji-Pan, but we wanted to try something new. We also considered Orchard Road, but it scared us that there were only a few people having lunch over there, despite the size of the place and attractive menu.

We bought this set of maki for only 200 pesos. Four pieces CaliMaki would cost 85 pesos, while all of these, including the three other types of maki at the back only costs 200 pesos.

We also ordered Miso Ramen. It was delicious but I didn’t like the toge.

I ordered a bowl of Torikatsu/ Tonkatsu Curry Ramen. God knows I love curry, that when I don’t know what to order, it’s like the default order. You can’t go wrong with curry. I was right, it tasted great. My boyfriend’s vote goes to Miso Ramen, while my vote goes to my Tonkatsu Curry Ramen.

Despite the rain, we decided to push through with the Pet-Parazzi parade at the Fun Ranch in Tiendesitas, Ortigas. We brought two of our shih tzu, Minzy and Dumpling.

It was an afternoon full of activities. We were celebrating Skye the Blue’s birthday party. Lack of research on my part led me to think that Skye the Blue is an actual horse, and that they were really celebrating his birthday. It was only later that we realized that he was just a mascot, a character created by Fun Ranch.

We felt like kids again seated at a children’s birthday party. There were balloons, games, even face painting, and loads of fun. There were surprises here and there. The prizes for the game winners were amazing, say a huge bag of dog food, or a dog carrier bag? I was really eyeing one of those prizes for Minzy and Dumpling. I didn’t get the chance to join the contests, though :(

 I had a butterfly painted on my left hand.


Friends from Zoobic Safari brought animal friends over, such as the iguana on the right photo. Oh, the guy organizer on the left photo was the host for the party.

They also brought over a huge-ass snake. It’s an albino python. They say that it’s color gives it away easily to hunters, which makes it very easy to capture. Oh, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it. Look at the face of the girl on the right forcing a smile :))
Lastly, they also brought out a cute little kid —  a baby goat. The kids were given the chance to bottle feed it.
I got free tickets for this event because of my two little cousins. I thought they’d be able to join us and enjoy the afternoon in the presence of all this cute, little furry friends. Sadly, due to bad timing and a bad case of sore eyes, the only ones who got to the event were me, my dad, and my boyfriend. We had loads of fun, and we were just happy to bring home loot bags. It was a surprise when..

Little Dumpling won as the Star of the Parade! I don’t know how she win, but she did it! Cute little Dumpling :) She won a carrier bag, a certificate, and an overnight stay to Tagaytay Residence Inn. Huzzah!

There were a lot of other cute pets in the event, that’s why we don’t know how Dumpling managed to win. Here were some of the furry friends dumpling made:
This dog is too cute, it looks like a toy!
 Elie here won the “Most Unique Pet'” award with hr pet hamster
Meet Cookie. She’s a cross of a pom and a shih tzu.
Wes and Dumpling on the Hanging Bridge
Skye’s Room at Fun Ranch
It was a cool birthday party at the Fun Ranch. I’m sure if I still was a kid, I would love to have a birthday party at the Fun Ranch. Happy Birthday, Skye the Blue! We’ll see you again next year when you turn two. :)

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