VISUALZINE Exhibit Culminating Night

Last May 27, I got the chance to attend the culminating night of VISUALZINE, a weeklong exhibit produced by amazingly talented people, including Mr. Xander Angeles, multi-awarded photographer, and guest creative director, Mr. Raymond Gutierrez. Together with some of the most well-regarded personalities in the industry, such as Maxene Magalona (VISUALZINE’s cover girl), Ruffa Gutierrez, Solenn Heusaff, Meagan Young, Georgina Wilson, Borgy Manotoc, KC Montero, Lovi Poe, and Celebrity Stylist Liz Uy, among many others, VISUALZINE is a collaboration of great talents representing The Fashion Academy’s seven curriculums: Fashion, Styling, Modeling, Photography, Hair Creatives, Makeup, and Artists’ Lab.

The heavy rain + Friday traffic got me at The Podium at around 7:15 PM. The event was supposed to start at 7 PM, but it started much later. Good thing I saw Kuya Vinny because I would not have known anyone from the group of bloggers there. Thank you Kuya Vinny, for introducing me to everyone in the group. Thanks also to the people I met: Sir John, Sir Sef, Sir Ryan, Ms. Jo, and Ms. Sire. Nice meeting you all :)

While waiting for the event to start, we were served some pizza, pasta, and appetizers, with some red/white wine and Iced Tea.

A number of models and celebrities graced the exhibit, which kept us busy while waiting for the culminating activity to start :)

Models from Elite Manila
 First Photo: Frank Magalona’s profile is ♥
 At around 8:20 PM, the culminating event started. It was hosted by Tim Yap.
Ms. Cindy Arguelles-Lichauco, The Fashion Academy Manila’s Center Manager, later introduced us to what The Fashion Academy has to offer.
Xander Angeles of Edge of Light Studios and Creative Director for The Fashion Academy talked about working on VISUALZINE, and the mini-fashion world, that is The Fashion Academy
Raymond Gutierrez, who was guest creative director for VISUALZINE, and VISUALZINE cover girl Maxene Magalona, shared their experiences of firsts while working on VISUALZINE.
Maxene Magalona says that it’s her first time to go “sexy” despite being persuaded many times before. She confesses that what convinced her was the talented people behind this project. Maxene says that even if it’s posing sexy, as long as she’s with this great group of people working on VISUALZINE, it would still come out classy and tasteful.
 The event ended with a toast from some of the people who made VISUALZINE and the exhibit a huge success.
Some spotted in the exhibit:
Love the shoes, but it looks like a bitch to wear.
Some snapshots of the exhibit:
Celebrity Stylist Liz Uy
 Two of my favorite photos from the exhibit were:
 Ruffa Gutierrez’s, because this photo evokes so much emotion.
and Georgina Wilson’s, just because I adore her to bits.
We went home with a copy of VISUALZINE. Here’s a sneak peek for you (oh, sorry for the flare):

 Maxene Magalona on the cover of VISUALZINE
Borgy Manotoc + Georgina Wilson *_*
 This exhibit made me remember my dreams and ambitions of becoming a photographer + fashion designer + makeup artist. How I wish I can still pursue all of them, but my circumstances in life would rather lead me to another career, which is a far cry from the glamorous world of fashion and the arts. If I could (and if I can afford it), I would love to study in The Fashion Academy Manila. It definitely looks promising, just from looking at the success of VISUALZINE. From the models, photographers, hair and makeup artists, and people working in the background, it shows so much of the sheer talent coupled with A LOT of  hard work that was put into this project to make VISUALZINE a real masterpiece. I would love to surround myself with talented people like them, and hope that one day, I might emerge just as creative and talented. If you’re aiming to pursue your passion and become a professional in the fashion industry, The Fashion Academy Manila might just be the place for you.

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    Hi Hana , cool coverage of the Visualzine Exhibit.

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    Thanks, Sef! I read yours yesterday. The photos looked great :)

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    It was nice meeting you ^^,

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    nice meeting you sir John! :)

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