My Happy YUMMY Eats Adventure ♥

Last week, I joined the canDishhh tales’ YUMMY tickets giveaway, and won two tickets! One for me and my boyfriend. A ticket would have cost us 150 pesos each, and we decided to join the giveaway contest to save us 300 pesos which we can use as pocket money to take home treats from the event.

It was a busy Saturday for me, as I had to attend a job fair for nurses over at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati. I started my day with a breakfast from McDonalds, two pancakes and roast coffee for fifty pesos. I love pancakes for breakfast :”)

Afterwards, we rushed to the NBC Tent at the Fort. Both of use were super excited about the food! When we got there, we went straight to registration and claimed our free tickets.

We know we just got in, but immediately after getting our tickets, we rushed out of the NBC Tent to enjoy a scoop of ice cream from the ice cream truck of Fruits in Ice Cream! They were giving ticket holders a free scoop of ice cream in a cone. It came in two flavors: Raspberry, and their newest flavor, Lemon Crumble.

Cute concept! I wish they’d have more ice cream trucks here in the Philippines. We need it more since it’s too hot on this side of the world.


 Lemon Crumble (L) and Raspberry (R) Sorry if it doesn’t look so great. I couldn’t help but eat i already when I got my hands on it!

Lemon Crumble vs. Raspberry: We loved the Raspberry Ice Cream more! Lemon Crumble tasted like Vanilla to me, and we agreed that the Raspberry is sweeter an more tastier than Lemon Crumble. There just wasn’t enough Lemon flavor in Lemon Crumble.

We got back inside and headed straight for the first booth we can find: Classic Confections

I didn’t try tasting the one which had almonds because I’m not a big fan of nuts. I did like this Calamansi Bars. They had me at Calamansi, and knew I had to try it! My first impression was that it would be unpleasantly sour, but it was sweet! I liked it!

We went over to get our Caramel Frappe samples over at the Starbucks booth, and also got our ice cream and milk samples from Carmen’s Best Ice Cream. One of the guys from Carmen’s Best Ice Cream told us that their ice cream is on a whole new level because they have their own farm where they raise their cows, and their products are made of fresh cow’s milk. They were right! It was really delicious ♥

We tried Amaya’s Frozen Caramel next, because we were invited by my boyfriend’s former officemate to head over to their booth. We tried it, and we loved it! It might be too sweet for most, but for us kids with the sweet tooth, it’s perfect! It’s like ice cream, but it doesn’t melt. We loved it so much we bought some for take home.

Next, we headed over to LowCal Cafe to taste their samples. They said that they use Isomalt to sweeten their treats. It’s perfectly natural and contains half the calories of regular sugar and none of the fat. Their sweets are also great for diabetics and pregnant women alike. It was an awesome find since I know a number of people who’d love to enjoy sweet treats without raising their blood sugar level to abnormal levels. It’s also great to know that people who are on a diet can enjoy guilt-free sweets like this!

My boyfriend pulls me over to Jaq’s Kitchen’s booth, because he’s been raving about their Adobong Tahong for a while now. He says that it was great as pasta toppings, and equally yummy with Pandesal/bread or Sky Flakes. We couldn’t resist it, it tasted great! We bought a bottle for take home because I wanted my mom to get to enjoy it as well.

We also loved Mochiko! Not only the ice cream, but also their booth. They were taking photos of clients with their Polaroid camera, and it’s a really fun touch to the usual booth.

Here’s our cute little Polaroid photo with our Black Sesame Mochiko
 And here’s the Mochiko Wall of photos! Can you find ours?

There was also a cooking showdown among three schools ala Iron Chef with a theme ingredient, which was Chorizo.
It was such an amazing event. We were full even before getting to try all of the booths. we were already to go, but before that..
We had to take photos first!
We also wrote down our message on the YUMMY Wall. This one’s not our post, but it was too cute, I just had to take a picture of it. :)
And last but not the least, what better way to remember the event but with a photo! Courtesy of Baicapture Photobooth:
It was a really fun experience, and we’re looking forward to attending YUMMY Eats next year as well! Kudos to the organizers because the event was really well-thought of. Good job as well to all the concessionaires, staff, hosts, and guests, because in our book, the YUMMY Eats event was a great success!

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