Free Coffee c/o CBTL’s Open House

I invited my dad over to the open house of Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf last Sunday. They were serving their newest drink, Espresso and Cream Ice Blended Coffee, for FREE. We decided to go try the CBTL at Ortigas Park, wherever that is.
My Floral Blue Espadrilles. It might look like I have two left feet, but no. :|
We had no idea where it was. We just asked for directions on how to get there. Turns out it was just beside the parking lot we always park at. /fail.
Ortigas Park — a minipark at the heart of the busy streets of Ortigas.
They misspelled my name. :(
I love free stuffs. Amazingly, a lot of people that day just walked past CBTL, not knowing about the open house. A lot of other people were lucky to know about it. Take for example, CBTL’s Kuya Guard.
 Kuya Guard spotted ordering three Espresso and Cream Ice Blended Coffee
And shared it with three of his friends!
Free things are amazing. They make people happy, especially these three guys on the photo :) They don’t get to drink high-end coffee so often, and this is one of the few times they get to do that for no cost to them at all. After taking their photo, they were smiling and laughing among themselves, feeling more important and special. I just took their photo, I did nothing extraordinary, but it made them happy, nevertheless. It takes very little to make them happy :) Deep inside, I wish I could be like them.
Ahh, the best things in life are free. :)

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