First PFW Ever *__*

I’ve been super dying to go all week, but did not get the opportunity to do so until a co-blogger mentioned that he had four extra PFW tickets. I immediately grabbed them, even though I had a 1-5pm class. I gave one ticket, the 1 pm show to my mom, took one 4 pm show for myself, and gave away two 4 pm (Premiere C Collection) to two of my students.

And because my class was from 1-5 pm, we only got to catch Raoul Ramirez’ and Yako Reyes’ designs. Nevertheless, the running and rushing was all worth it. It was surreal, to be in a room with all these amazing people and their individual styles. I did feel super under-dressed in their presence. Ang hirap naman kasing fumashyown kapag rarampa ka sa Recto papuntang klase mo.

I did feel super guilty afterwards, because my two students expected that they will be able to watch more, but the tickets I had were only for the Premiere C collection. They said they had fun, especially since they don’t have the opportunity to go out as much because of their review for the upcoming Nurse Licensure Exam on July.

Another highlight of the day:

We were able to have a picture with Pokwang, while riding down the looong SMX escalator. Check out the hair and platform shoes without the heels. It’s like she’s basically walking on tiptoe! She’s super nice and funny. Kung ano sya sa TV, ganun din sya sa personal. :) I’m glad I gave the two tickets to my two super go-getter students. I would not have had the courage to ask her for a photo.

Hoping to watch more shows next Fashion Week :)

Credit for the photos goes to Dial Alcaide. I was told that they did not allow picture taking inside, so I left my SLR with my dad. Guess they did not mind taking photos at all.

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