Some Hair Color Inspirations

I’m thinking of getting a haircut + having my hair dyed soon. I’ve been looking forward to this since forever. My hair has always been black, and I just want some luscious caramel colored hair! This was inspired by my love for ulzzangs. In preparation for this, I’ve been trying to regain my old skin color back, so that whatever hair color I choose would suit me.
Here’s some of my hair inspirations, mainly from two celebrities: Kara’s Goo Hara (my eternal girl crush) and Shoko Nakagawa (someone told me we have some resemblance orz) <3
Love her hair color in this photo very much.
The next photos are of Goo Hara’s. She really inspires me to be the best in the things I do and never give up. You’d wonder how a K-POP idol would be able to do that. I don’t know, myself. All I know is that, whenever I look at her photos or KARA’s, it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling :) Their music make me happy~
Lastly, here are some others I’ve found on the net.
If you own any of the photos, please let me know so that I can credit you properly, or take it down if you wish for me to do so. 
Here in the Philippines, hair coloring starts at 1000+, which is a price pretty steep for me. Since the start of the groupon/ groupbuying fad, I’ve been on the lookout for hair coloring deals. This is the first one I’ve seen:
It looks okay, although I haven’t heard from anyone regarding their services. This is really the first groupon that offered hair coloring and I’m very excited about this. Less than thirteen hours to go before the deal closes, and I really want to get this deal. 
Uh-Oh. I posted this on my facebook profile, and a friend told me about a bad experience with Hairshaft Salon. She said that her other friend who availed a perm service from this salon, who had to go back to the salon several times because the curls just wouldn’t hold. My friend also had a bad first hand experience from this salon when she availed of a hair coloring service. Her hair was bleached WITHOUT her permission (well, I know that the chemical use to bleach stings! And it would really damage your hair and scalp if done improperly) and she had to stay for several hours in the salon because her hair was repeteadly dyed. The color stayed for 1-2 months only, despite the bleaching and hours of recoloring. Ugh.
So much for my hair fantasies *sigh*

Update 04/20/2011 6:15 PM: I found positive reviews of HairShaft Salon – Podium Branch. Now, I’m really going to try it. With less than a few hours to go before the deal closes, this is great news to me :D I’m definitely going to get that coupon! [Obligatory review comes after :) ]

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