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Ulzzangs have become a great influence to my choices in fashion. They seem to look good in almost anything. Some of them though have undergone plastic surgery to enhance their looks, and some of them do not look half as attractive without makeup and BB cream. Despite this, we cannot deny that they look awesome and completely stylish. I think most of the ulzzangs are rich, to be able to buy lots of beautiful clothes to take pictures in. I wonder if they have any thrift shops in Korea.

 Korean Fashion has become popular in the Philippines because of the Korean culture fandom that was started by the emergence of K-pop groups and K-pop idols addiction in the Philippines. Korean fashion has become more accessible to Filipino shoppers through online shopping, via Multiply, Facebook, and Ebay.

If you don’t mind wearing unbranded dupes and making siksik your way through crowds and aisles of clothing, check out 168 Shopping Mall in Divisoria. They have lots of clothes duplicating imported Korean clothing. I’ve been buying some dresses from 168 since last year. The best part of this is that you can actually fit the clothes before you pay for them, unlike in online shopping where you leave the fitting to faith. It will also save you tons of money, as your one thousand pesos will go a long, long way. Bring friends to go shopping with you! It’s cheaper when you buy in bulk.


Have fun shopping!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos. I got them from fuckyeahuhljjang on Tumblr. Follow them for more ulzzang goodness *_*

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