April 11-15 Splurge + Three-Way Test to Online Shopping

I’m trying veery hard to control my impulse buying. Online shops have especially made it more difficult to resist the temptation. Combined with the convenience of GCASH, online buying has been made extra easier (also making it easier to sweep my wallet clean) T_T.Before buying stuff online, I always ask myself three crucial questions. I call it my Three-Way Test to Online Shopping:
1. Do I have the money to buy this item? Even if I reaaaallly want something, if it’s not within the budget, it should be able to wait.
2. Would I regret not purchasing this item NOW? Applicable especially with auction finds and groupons whose offer ends during a certain date. If I can buy it anytime, I’ll pass the opportunity and buy it at a later time when I don’t mind losing a couple of bucks.
3. Do I NEED it? You see, most of the stuff I search for online are things that are not essential (that’s why this question is at the end of my personal Three-way Test to Online Shopping) If they are important, I’d find them in 24/7 convenience stores. Some of the items in my search list include makeup, contact lens, wigs, accessories.. things that you won’t die or make you less of a person if you don’t have them

The rest of the other important questions follow (Is the item authentic, will it last long, etc) before I hit that “Buy it now” button or snipe an auction with my highest offer one minute before the auction closes. So you see, I try, and I try hard to contain my obsession with makeup and online shopping.

Enough lecture. Onto my finds!

First stop, my TonyMoly finds. TonyMoly is a cosmetics brand from Korea, making its way to the Philippine market via online shops (in Multiply, Ebay, and Facebook) I got mine from a Korean seller online, who’s currently residing here in the Philippines.

This tiny red bottle is TonyMoly’s Mini Tony Tint in Cherry Pink. It’s also available in a redder shade (Red Apple) Don’t expect this one to last you more than a month. TonyMoly also offers this tint in a tube containing 9 g of the lip/ cheek tint for around $7. (Hint: The spherical container of this mini tint is smaller than a 5-peso coin)

Next is a purchase I made for a friend. This is TonyMoly Party Lover Gel Liner in Black. This one’s available in six colors (Black, Brown, Pearl Brown, Pearl Navy, Pearl Violet, and Khaki Black) To be able to apply this liner, you’d need a separate angle brush, which you can buy from the cosmetics section of your department stores or online! (They’re cheaper and of higher quality online, but be wary of frauds and fakes!)

This is the eyeliner I bought for myself. This one is TonyMoly Backstage Gel Liner. It’s the same gel liner as the Party Lover Gel Liner, the only difference is that this one has a brush included. It’s a little more expensive than the Party Lover gel liner, but the convenience it means is worth the extra costs. Imagine being able to put this in your bag or makeup kit without having to look into your bag a minute or two more for that angle brush. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the brush is short. You can extend it, but it extends by 1-2cm max. Good thing I have two angle brush available at home. Having a longer angle brush might prove easier in applying gel liners (although I haven’t personally tried it yet, because this is my first gel liner, and I’ve been using in2it’s Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner for over a year now)

Both gel liners claim to be smudge-proof and waterproof. I’ll definitely make a report about this in my future review of this product.

My last find is an item I won from an online auction.

Let me just say that I love this item so so much. This is NYX Boy of Eyeshadows with 112 colors, with two applicators. It’s so beautiful. I swear I fell in love with this and couldn’t take my eyes of it. You know you have to buy an item when you’ve fallen in love with it.

I’ll write a separate review about this palette. As of now, I’ve only tried *one* color yet (because it’s too pretty, I don’t want to touch it!) but all I can say from that *one* color is that it’s super pigmented (it only took a light sweep off the palette and I was surprised at the effect) and great lasting power (Is it smudge-proof? I though I put too much of the color on my eyelids and tried rubbing it off with tissue, to no avail)

This is my second eyeshadow palette, the first one, a cheap, unbranded palette from China with 96 colors/ eyeshadow shades. That one served its purpose, despite the cheap price.

I am now on the lookout for more NYX products (because this one was really pretty). I just really fell in love with the colors of this one.It’s true love when you don’t mind losing some and paying the price. 

But after last week, I promised to put a limit on my buying. Like say, not more than 500pesos per week, only until I’ve restocked my wallet with cash. Hahaha.

Let me know if you have any interesting buys!

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